Clinics and Services


Our clinical team is highly trained with particular interests and skills. They manage a number of health promotion clinics. For some problems, it may be more appropriate to see one of our healthcare assistants or practice nurses rather than a doctor.

Their responsibilities include:

If required, please request an appointment with a nurse or healthcare assistant.

Long Term Condition Care

There are now quite a number of chronic diseases managed by the nursing department. The point of this is to help patients cope as well as possible with certain chronic diseases. You may receive a telephone call to discuss your current situation or a letter inviting you to book an appointment.

If you have several long term conditions, we can synchronise your review appointments so that you make a minimum number of visits to the surgery. However, it is not practically possible to combine all of the chronic disease monitoring in one visit.


This is a six monthly check for patients diagnosed with diabetes. If a diabetic patient is seen regularly at the hospital, then they do not need to be checked by the surgery. Every patient is contacted every six months and then, once a year, the patient is contacted by our diabetic lead to discuss their current status. If necessary, an appointment to see their GP will be made.


This is an annual appointment for patients diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (a smoking related lung disease). It usually consists of a double appointment with a nurse.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a COPD assessment, please use our online form.


This is an annual appointment for patients that have been diagnosed with asthma and have been using inhalers within the last year or so.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit an annual review of your asthma symptoms, please use our online form. If your symptoms are deteriorating or you are having any concerns, please request an appointment with our nurse.

Flu Clinics

You are eligible to receive a free flu jab if you:

  • Are 65 years of age or over
  • Are pregnant
  • Have certain medical conditions
  • Are very overweight
  • Are living in a long stay residential care home or other long stay care facility
  • Are receiving a carer’s allowance
  • Are the main carer for an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill

To arrange your flu jab, please request an appointment.

Other Internal Services


Our service is provided by our physiotherapist, Vanessa Dupond, twice a week. An appointment is necessary.


Our service is provided by our mental health practitioner, Jorge Damasceno, three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. An appointment is necessary.

Pre-school Checks For 3.5 Year Old Children

A check of growth, hearing and vision is important before starting school. The nurse will ask whether you have concerns about the health and development of your child. You might like to talk about safety, play, relationships, discipline, care of teeth and starting school.

These checks normally take place at the same time as their preschool boosters.

NHS Health Checks

The NHS health check is a health check up for adults in England aged 40-74. It’s designed to spot early signs of a stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and/or dementia. As we get older, we have a higher risk of developing one of these conditions. An NHS health check helps find ways to lower this risk.

Blood Clinic

The phlebotomy/blood test clinic runs every morning from 09:00 until 13:00.

Hearing Support Service

The hearing support service is available at the surgery on the last Wednesday of every month 13:00-15:00. They will be able to help with retubing, batteries, cleaning, general repairs, equipment, information and other organisations. The clinic operates as a drop-in service, no appointment is needed. Please let reception know you are waiting to be seen.

West Norfolk Carers

West Norfolk Carers helps give unpaid carers of all ages, relief from their overwhelming feelings of loneliness, responsibility and helplessness by providing professional support and advice to help overcome the emotional, financial and physical challenges presented by their caring role.

For more information or to self refer, please visit the West Norfolk Carers website.

West Norfolk Carers’ representative is in the surgery every third Wednesday of the month. If you would prefer to be seen in the surgery, please request an appointment.